You Need A Dishwasher!


In preceding time periods, individuals didn’t possess technology and the appliances our society flourishes on. From automobiles, to dishwashers, to cellular telephones, to computers, individuals are learning to incorporate it into their lives and spoiled with technology and worth it …

Benefits of Using Pine Bark Extract

Pinus mugo 'Rock Island Compact WB'

Pine bark extract is used as one of the main ingredients in cosmetic products, beverages, nutritional supplements and functional foods because of its potential health benefits. The extract can also help to boost the immune system of users and it …

Tech To Detect Ebola Symptoms


Very interesting way to use new technology for detecting things like fevers, diseases and other health issues.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these popping up everywhere.

Wello is aiding DISD in screening its schools for symptoms of Ebola

Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults


Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? If you are out and about and looking for love, Halloween can become kind of an icebreaker in itself.

Halloween is a great time for singles to hit the town,

Reverse Mortgages For New York Area Seniors

Retire Piggy Bank

​New reverse mortgage website offering help to senior citizens in the New York area by giving them access to their home equity.

Senior citizens that are interested in converting their home’s equity that they have built up over the years …